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OBBLM version HCH 2019 + Spike7-8

Online Blood Bowl League Manager is an online game management system for Game Workshop's board game Blood Bowl.

The authors of this program are

With special thanks to Pierluigi Masia, Mag Merli, Lars Scharrenberg, Tim Haini, Daniel Straalman, Juergen Unfried, Sune Radich Christensen, Michael Bielec, Grégory Romé, Goiz Ruiz de Gopegui, Ryan Williams and Ian Williams.

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Modules loaded:
Inducements (Daniel Straalman, 2009), TeamCreator (DoubleSkulls, 2011), PDF roster (Daniel Straalman, 2008-2009), RSS feed (Juergen Unfried, 2008), Graphical statistics (Nicholas Mossor Rathmann, 2008-2009), Memorable matches (Nicholas Mossor Rathmann, 2008-2009), Wanted (Nicholas Mossor Rathmann, 2008), Hall of fame (Nicholas Mossor Rathmann, 2008), Prizes (Nicholas Mossor Rathmann, 2009), BOTOCS match upload (William Leonard, 2009), BOTOCS team XML export (William Leonard, 2009), Registration (William Leonard, 2009), Log subsystem (Nicholas Mossor Rathmann, 2009), Gallery (Nicholas Mossor Rathmann, 2009), Coach/team search (Nicholas Mossor Rathmann, Feb 2010), PDF match report (Daniel Henriksson & Nicholas Rathmann, 2010-2012), Team compare (Nicholas Mossor Rathmann, 2011), Cemetery (Nicholas Rathmann, 2012), Famous Teams (Nicholas Mossor Rathmann, 2012)

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