Skavendom Scum

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Skavendom Scum roster 

1Stranglikch the Deadly
player avatarBlitzer
7338Block, Tackle, Mighty Blow0112219130k
2Toxife the Lethal
player avatarBlitzer
3Slifink the Blade
player avatarGutter runner
9247Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Leap, Block4500019120k
4Shure the Silent
player avatarGutter runner
9247Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Block2101112100k
6Skittifink of Cathay
player avatarGutter runner
9247Dodge, Weeping Dagger10000180k
7Slide the Ghost
player avatarThrower
7337Pass, Sure Hands, Nerves of Steel, Big Hand15001122120k
9Stilide Sneek
player avatarLineman
10Skitture Venom
player avatarLineman
12Garythe Scuttle
player avatarLineman
7337Strip Ball, Two Heads1 Ni0102217100k
13Sciad Hemlock
player avatarRat ogre
6528Loner, Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Prehensile Tail, Wild Animal, Juggernaut, Break Tackle1 Ni0007119190k

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Team info and statistics
Coach Riff-Raff
Race Skaven
League Blood Bowl Liga IX
Division BB IX
Ready Yes
TV 1320k
Treasury 110k
Apothecary Yes
Re-roll 3
Fan factor 4
Assistant Coach 0
Cheerleader 0

Played 9
WIN% 22.2%
ELO 155.61
W/L/D 1/6/2
W/L/D Streaks 1/3/1
Won tours 0
Latest tour Mérkőzések
Tours played Mérkőzések
Prizes None
Is famous No